Bandwith Switching Part_Intial BWP

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Can anyone help to understand initial BWP?

does it mean that to get SSB UE will scan BPW 0 always ??
does NW will always broadcast BWP 0 with SSB and fixed size>=SSB size??


UE scans SSB first, then from MIB get initial DL BWP. Initial BWP is the “default” BWP for UE which has no dedicated BWP to use. After UE is configured dedicated BWPs, UE doesn’t use initial BWP anymore. Among the configured dedicated BWPs, there may be a default BWP which is used when UE has nothing to do. If no default BWP is configured, UE use initial BWP as default BWP.

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Can you please also help me to know what is difference between rrc and dci based switching
Because I can see dci format 1-1 will be use always whenever there is bwp switching

RRC based switching is used when UE just established RRC connection, then UE switches BWP from initial to dedicated according to RRC configuration. While DCI based switching is the exact scenario UE needs for scheduling on proper frequency resource.