AWS Telco Network Builder – Deploy and Manage Telco Networks

Over the course of more than one hundred years, the telecom industry has become standardized and regulated, and has developed methods, technologies, and an entire vocabulary (chock full of interesting acronyms) along the way. As an industry, they need to honor this tremendous legacy while also taking advantage of new technology, all in the name of delivering the best possible voice and data services to their customers.

Now enters AWS Telco Network Builder (TNB).

This new service is designed to help Communications Service Providers (CSPs) deploy and manage public and private telco networks on AWS. It uses existing standards, practices, and data formats, and makes it easier for CSPs to take advantage of the power, scale, and flexibility of AWS.

Today, CSPs often deploy their code to virtual machines. However, as they look to the future they are looking for additional flexibility and are increasingly making use of containers. AWS TNB is intended to be a part of this transition, and makes use of Kubernetes and Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) for packaging and deployment.

With AWS Telco Network Builder, CSPs can define network requirements using industry standards & automatically dole out the right compute, storage, & networking resources.

Source (and Read more): New: AWS Telco Network Builder – Deploy and Manage Telco Networks | AWS News Blog

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