Average RRC Connected User

Dear Experts,

What should be the Ideal Number of RRC Connected Users (Not the licensed User capacity or Peak RRC Connected User Capacity) in case of Multi Layer LTE NW for BW Mentioned below so that Proper Load Balancing can be achieved.

I am trying to Calculate the Ideal Number of user Per carrier according to BW,
2300 C1- 20 MHz-TDD
2300C2- 20 Mhz-TDD
1800- 10 Mhz- FDD
850 -15 Mhz- FDD


Hello Experts.

The formula for Average RRC Connected Users has changed:

From pmRrcConnLevSum / pmRrcConnLevSamp
To pmRrcConnLevSum / 720

Can someone please explain why it is divided the total number of RRC Connected Users by 720?

What is interval of counter pegging?

Yeh I was gonna say that.

It might be to balance the counter.

Looks like 12 sample per hour or minute.

I think it is customized the KPI based on hourly level for specific performance tools.

What is measurement interval?

How is it calculated etc?

You have 5, 15, 30, 60 min rops intervals.

The calculation I will review but looks the person chnged this is to dont use the denominator counter in the formula.

It’s better to divide into pmRrcConnLevSamp, because it will depend if you query the kpi by 15min ROP, 1Hr or 1Day.

720 is the average value for pmRrcConnLevSamp in 1Hr

pmRrcConnLevSamp Number of times the corresponding Sum counter has accumulated a new sample. Associated ACC pmCounter pmRrcConnLevSum.
Scanner: Not included in any predefined scanner

Condition: The counter is increased at every occasion when the corresponding sum counter has accumulated a new sample.
Counter type: CC/SUM
Counter is reset after measurement period: Yes