AutoRegex - Convert from English to RegEx with the power of Natural Language Processing

If you’ve ever worked with Programming or Computer Network Administration, you’ve certainly heard of RegEx - or in English: Regular Expressions.

And you also heard that RegEx does “magic” for example in searching and replacing text in text editors and programming languages, validation of text formats (validation of protocols or digital formats), syntax highlighting and information filtering. And this “magic” is done quickly and extremely efficiently!

Unfortunately, you probably also know that, despite this power they offer, they’re not that easy to use. Many people end up “giving up”, when they start trying to create regular expressions.

So much so that anyone who masters this skill is considered a hero or demi-god!

In the case of Telecommunications, for example, they are excellent to find information in logs, documentation or OSS command output.

There is also a great advantage of RegEx is that they are not exclusive to a programming language: if you know regular expressions you can apply this additional knowledge within the language of your choice: Python, Java, C#, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript and many more others.

OK. So let’s recap:

  • Regular expressions (RegEx) are extremely powerful, and they can help us a lot in our tasks, in our career.
  • The use and understanding of regular expressions (RegEx) can be tricky and difficult, even daunting.

Fortunately, there is a solution! :grinning:

Now with the evolution of Artificial Intelligence we have a fantastic web application that uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) skills to convert our English sentences to RegEx (and vice versa)!

That’s the app called AutoRegex

Don’t waste time, take advantage of the tip, increase your number of skills - it will be useful for your tasks and your career, don’t have any doubts.

And even if you already know RegEx but don’t use it often, it can be useful if you need to go back and look for simple patterns in the syntax.(Edited)

Image source: Autoregex