Automatic Neighbors Relation for GSM

Hi Experts.

Does anyone implemented Automatic Neighbors Relation for GSM?

If possible, share the script to implement in ENM?

Vendor Ericsson

Hi, there is nothing to do in ENM.

You need to follow OPI “BSC, Automatic Neighbor Relations, Activate”.

Yes, automatic neighbor relations (ANR) are commonly implemented in GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) networks to optimize network performance and ensure smooth handovers between cells. When it comes to Ericsson’s network management system, ENM (Ericsson Network Manager), the configuration and management of ANR typically involve using the Ericsson Network Engineer (ENE) tool or its successor, Ericsson Network Manager Operations Support Systems (ENM OSS).

Note:- The specific configuration steps and scripts can vary based on your network’s architecture, version of ENM, and your network’s requirements.

# Sample ANR script for adding neighbor relations

# Define cell IDs and corresponding neighbor cell IDs
cell_id = "1234"
neighbor_cell_id = "5678"

# Add neighbor relation
ANR.AddNeighborRelation(cell_id, neighbor_cell_id)

Please note that the above script is a simplified example and may not be directly usable in your network without customization. It’s essential to work closely with Ericsson support or your network engineering team to ensure that ANR is configured correctly for your specific network requirements and version of ENM/ENE.

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