Attenuation in DWDM Links

  • Attenuation is the amount of light loss from input to output.

  • Attenuation can be classified to intrinsic and extrinsic.

  • Intrinsic attenuation is absorption of light energy and scattering.

  • Intrinsic depends on the fiber impurities.

  • Extrinsic attenuation is the fiber bending , strees from manufacturing and other environmental factors.

  • Total link loss = fiber loss + connectors loss + splice loss.

  • Fiber loss = 10 log output power / input power.

  • Fiber attenuation represented in db./ km.

  • Attenuation can be from 0.2-0.3 db / km in SMF ( single mode ) G652 for C band ( 1550 nm ) as an example.

  • Fiber loss depends on fiber length , fiber type and wavelength of signal.

  • All passive equipments like attenuators and dispersion compensation devices can Introduce insertion loss.

  • DCM is dispersion compensation modules, it’s used to solve pulse broadening issue.

  • dispersion can be chromatic or polarization.

  • dispersion value can be expressed by
    PS / km.nm

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