Attach reject / PDN reject on NB-IoT site

Hi All.

DT is testing at site of NB-IoT Network and facing attach reject / PDN reject.

What may be the reason for Attach Reject?

It’s failure from the SGW, check the connectivity.

Between eNB to SGW and MME to SGW.

Please ask for an end to end pcap trace.

I was gonna say this is Core failure and check PGW.

I am guessing user is in wrong profile in HSS.

But testing is happening for the last 10 days with the same user profile (Sim Card).

Only today facing this issue.

Ah ohkey.

Have someone take a trace on PGW and MME.

That should clarify where is issue.

Basically PGW/SGW not setting up bearers for the user so need to find why.

It may be AN issue defined on either the UE side or the HSS side, please check the APN.
We have faced the same issue, and we could see the APN was wrongly set on the HSS side.

There may be two reasons

  1. User latched with Dummy TAC
  2. User Authentication Failed from HSS or CBS/OCS

Issue Found at Core End, Device & Packet session Attached.