Atoll prediction over 20 km

Hi Dears.

In Atoll LTE predictions, for signal level lower than -100 dBm the propagation is more than 20 km (which is not real).

The propagation model was calibrated with DT.

For over -100 dBm is correct, but lower than -100 dBm it is crazy.

Any suggestions to solve this?

Maybe your clutter losses / clutter height is not aligned.

Did you do model tuning using CW?

How old is your clutter and terrain file? Are you using Aster / Crosswave / SPM?

Yes I used CW (Continuous Wave).

SPM use?

What was your ME and SD per clutter type?

Can you do a validation against live network scanner data?

You may try your hand with Aster for calibration. It gave us very good results.

It’s the propagation model tunning.

It’s pretty simple as well.

This is ME (Mean Error) and SD (Standard Deviation):

Check cell file template parameters.

There are 2 models that are used for each transmitter, check that you have the correct propagation model in both sides.

You hardly have any samples in urban / dense urban.

Do you mean here?

I have only 3 types:

In cell table I don’t have parameters for propagation.

I usually use the main matrix for lower distance and the extended matrix to avoid that problem you have.

Is it correct?

Atoll Extended matrix

With this configuration change.