Atoll (Forsk) tuning

Hi there.
I want a support from LTE planners, any one using Atoll forsk and did a tuning for SPM for L800, L2600?

I am using Asset, but in my opinion tuning is very important to get accurate prediction.

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All video 2G, 3G,4G

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This is not what I want, I want if somebody has already tuned the standard propagation model for LTE Bands 41 42 1 3 and 20.


Hi.already tuned model not helps you because model tuning via CW measurment from your live network in atoll project with your own digital map. You should make DT for your 4g, then make by Actix for example the table with your cell names, coordinates and rx lev (dBm) in txt format with tab division. Than import it in DT section of atoll. Than right click on section and choose extract CW measurment, choose correct rows, than go to project properties (where can make New prop models), copy SPM, right click and choose tune the model, then choose CWs that you want to calculate with. Profit. Also after tuning make prediction with tuned model and compare with drive test data. If have bad result - try to change shadowing parameter of prediction, it is esealy way to make the Best result of prediction.

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Thnx bro, I’ll try it.