Atmospheric ducting impact in TDD layers

Hi Experts,
Just an inquiry about atmospheric ducting impact in TDD layers.
I have observed its impact on UL interference for 4G.pls suggest if any feature and parameters available to deal with this issue.
Nokia equipment.

Use TDD remote interference mitigation feature.
Easy way to handle change frame type from 2/7 to 2/5…trade off is DL T’put.

Where are you facing this?

WB nearby coastal area.

OK it may be.
Actually this is not the season in normal geography like Gujarat Haryana we are facing in Sep/Oct month.
I think few days back storm also came…

Yes, it’s happening for all operators in that area, mainly in TDD layes i.e 2300 and 2500.

From previous similar conversation here in the forum:

Any further findings?

If the whole area is affected, go for the feature activation or changing frame type.
If only 1 or few sectors (covering same area) is affected, make site health check (jumpers, feeders, connectors, alarms, vswr, external source of interference.

Impacted whole costal area.

How is the weather there?
Is the problem occuring tje se period every year?
Or every season?
What is the affected band?

Band is 2300.
It’s mainly due to storm in now a days storm is very frequent.
Any other suggestions which will reduce this ducting effect (it is “atmospheric ducting” phenomenon).
Will try to implement @krunal_shah suggested parameters asap and share the outcomes to all.

Hi, Sir.
I’m not a huge TDD expert, but besides what was already said, make sure Downlink interference shaping is enabled, maybe playing with Configurable Uplink Interference Regions may also help.
In addition to that, try DL deboosting, starting UL PWR control at a lower p0 for both PUSCH and PUCCH, maybe also playing with other parameters related to it.
Maybe slowing down RACH as well.

Thanks @marcengo.
Will check this part as well and do the trial with small cluster.
If anyone knows exact parameter name, please share. (Nokia system)

It seem shat 3GPP seriously considers issue with this phenomena in 5G networks (especially TDD) and in rel16 we will have: Remote Interference Management (RIM) and Cross-Link Interference (CLI) Management: Introduces techniques for managing interference from distant cells in Time Division Duplex (TDD) networks in the presence of tropospheric scattering, as well as managing inter-operator interference.