assumedUePowerMsg3 Parameter

Hi guys any one know about this Ericsson Parameters “assumedUePowerMsg3” and how its related to UE?
Thanks in advanced!!

I am going to check this later tonight but it might be eNB parameter to adjust Msg3 power after PRACH process.
I think Msg3 power is still open loop estimate.

I checked and cannot find this parameter in Ericsson 17Q3 or 18 libraries.
Looks like internal parameter.
But in my view this is eNB internal estiamte of MSG3 power based on PRACH preamble.

This is available after L18 Q4.

You can find it in EUtranCellFDD MO.

assumedUePowerMsg3 = 1000 {230, 260, 310, 1000} Assumed TX power value of UE for transmission of Msg3. Msg3 can be used for estimating maximum value of initial pathloss when UE access the network. To set UE maximum output power according to the highest UE Power Class in the network (see 3GPP TS 36.101) use the following values of assumedUePowerMsg3:

  • 230 for 23 dBm
  • 260 for 26 dBm
  • 310 for 31 dBm
    When set to 1000, Msg3 pathloss estimation turns off.
    Unit: 0.1 dBm
    Takes effect: Object unlocked
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