Assign power from GSM to LTE

Hi experts, Huawei Related query.

If one LTE is in combined mode with GSM,
RRU Power 80Wx2
4 TRXs GSM, and 80W assigned to GSM
LTE is consuming 40Wx2.

Question is: We need to assign power to LTE from GSM, is it necessary to turn OFF 2 trxs and free 40W or if we turn OFF 1 trx and 20W will be assign as per the policy?

if 1 trx down, LTE will be 50Wx2
if 2 trx down, LTE will be 60Wx2

Does 50W will be configured at LTE end?
Bandwidth 20mhz
pA -3
pB 1

As your query is specific for Huawei, this link may help you:

Cell power

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