Are you guys using Auto GPT for analyzing your telecom data?

Hello Experts.

Are you guys using Auto GPT for analyzing your telecom data?

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Auto GPT

What is this about?

This the backend of ChatGPT in simple words.

Like lets suppose you want ChatGPT to analyze your data and share insights…

There are too many limitations for doing this in ChatGPT.

But Auto GPT gives you an API access to the brain of ChatGPT.

Whats the value proposition of ChatGPT? It lets you ask questions in human language, and it runs scripts at the backend to find answers to your questions.

You can create a desktop app using AutoGPT. And let it do tasks on your locally-hosted data.

Like lets suppose Vodafone wants to analyze its telecom data. It wants to know how many times it happened in the past that a drop in throughout was preceded by a certain event… or followed by a certain event.

You can give the heap of data to this desktop app, and ask it in human language, and it will mine the complete data to find answer to your question.

Its extremely powerful for managers, directors, and curios CXOs.

And significantly reduces their dependency of man power.

Interesting !

Where can i find more info on this?

Is it ready?

What type of data to be hosted?

APIs from which network functions?

I assume its NEF, right?

Or can it collect data from EPC as well?