Are DCI bits part of MAC SDU?

Hi Experts.

MAC PDU or transport block is made up of header and MAC SDU or header and MAC CE and padding, right?

For special case when TB is holding DCI bits are these bits considered as part of mac sdu?


So the DCI is same as MAC PDU?

DCI bits are not part of MAC TB.

Do you have references to the special case where DCI bits are part on TB?

DL MAC TB is carried on PDSCH and DCI bits are carried on PDCCH.

Short message bit for paging.

No, it’s seperate entity.
Sometime Mac pdu carry some bits only.
Ex: for paging, Mac layer enable short message bit with mac pdu. Then later when dci is created at phy layer, that time phy layer include that information inside the DCI. ( Here in our case DCI1_0)

Which spec has defined this short message bit?

I could not find any reference to this on MAC specification.

When we have Ninfo and TBS how do we determine how to place Ninfo in MAC SDU?

Not clear to me how to place the data bits in the MAC SDU.

Check for short message instance in which system info modification parameters you need to see.