Apps using QCI2 in LTE

Hi Experts,
Can anyone name a few apps which use QCI2 in LTE?
Which QCI is being used in Video Calls in Whatsapp, IMO, etc.?
Is it QCI2?

All OTTs use QCI 6, 7, 8 or 9.

So is QCI 2 used anywhere?

QCI2 is a GBR don’t know if any operator use it.
As far as I know QCI1 and QCI5 are only GBR in use.

It is used for ViLTE (Video over LTE).

Yes, correct, but is it implemented anywhere?

Operators implementing ViLTE use either QCI2 or QCI7 for the IMS-based video call

Which operator has commercial ViLTE available?

For my case we assigned Viber and WhatsApp voice to QCI4.
And PUBG game to QCI3.
Both are GBR.

Great, but how is QCI3 maintained?
It is a high quality ask from network, right?

QCI3 for PUBG as you know, PUBG gamer needs low latency so to improve latency it’s need dedicated bearer and also there one feature in huawei AIR INTERFACE LATENCY OPTIMIZATION works on QCI3 recommended and should R15.1.

In india, JIO has implemented QCI-2 for Video call on LTE.

Thanks, good to know.
Is it really used or users prefer OTTs?

Actually it has limitation that called part B should also support Video over LTE, otherwise call will fallback to Voice.
So ViLTE is rarely used.
OTTs are preferred.