Apart from Drive Test, how can we measure real time signals?

5G Experts ,
How can we proof in real time environment like Uplink Coverage is weaker than Downlink for NR?
For example in Drive test. What further can we show? Apart from UE Tx power limited.

Interesting question.
I was gonna suggest if there is any means to show session drop due to UE TX Pwr limitation that will be best since that actually shows the real concept.

Yeah, that make sense!
Moreover uplink limitations is the one of the factor SCG failure.
Which happen because of synchronization failures lead into session drop.
Yeah its a interesting question because everyone know uplink are limited in NR.
That’s why we need SUL, Uplink decoupling, DSS, etc.

Some one asking me the proof. :slight_smile:

Yes, but UL limitation is only for mmWave - which needs higher-power to reach distances.
Cannot think of anything other than Ue Max Power limitation.