Any suggests for handling high congestion on 5MHz and 10MHz fdd system with average PRB utilization at 60%?

Hai experts,

I have 5mhz amd 10 MHz fdd system operating and highly congested network. The average prb utilization is 60%.

My question is I have very siilmialr pucch parameter for a 5 and 10 MHz system. Can I optimize following paramerts to get pucch capacity? Can we have different parameter setting of pucch for a 5mhz and 10 MHz system and congested UL sites?

Can we optize

  1. ncqirb,
  2. periodic cqi feedback type,
  3. Cqi reporting periodicity
  4. riperm

Please help…
As I have highly congested Uplink… Mainly in 5mhz fdd…

try to use dynamic pucch
if nokia, should fl16