Any suggestions to improve user capacity and throughput?

Any suggestions for high cap lte in huawei…To improve user throughput

Dual carrier???

Single carrier…Any parametric changes suggestion!!

First check transmission issue

Idu and odu capacity

And pdsch licence

Odu port setting and go for ip 20c configuration

How many mhz???

FDD or TDD???

Fdd…5 mhz

First you check above point still you can’t handle I have one solution…Where you can take resources from neighbouring sites

Almost a standalone site

Its didn’t get …its high cap for MW…Can u explain in detail IP 20C means?

Ask your transmission expert

We want all parameters level not BSS or TX issues.

So request all please explain only optimisation scope No Tx,Bss or Alarm issues

Brother transmission issue is biggest issue for throughput

If you don’t want to understand then leave it ask other

Here my prb utilisation is greater than 80 percent causing lesser user thpt…so any parametric changes or high cap settings u can suggest!!

Please request TX issues is not Opti scope …its backhaul issue or IP Radio issue its depend on NW

There is no fluctuations or MW is 100 Mbps & backhaul is 1gbps found in End to end throughput testing …now can suggested any parameters

You need bandwidth…More for this…TDD

Kindly suggest parameter tuning.

You need bandwidth

How much…

Everyone want to improve only no buddy wants to know what is the problem just suggest parameter

Ask other experts

:laughing: :laughing:

What is average Cqi… sinr… users… prb… tx port setting … only paramter and paramtet will not help

Its ok if single site on End to End throughout 1gbps in testing .

U can try improve rb usgae … Decrease ue inactivity timer