Any idea why a WCDMA Sector don't transmit?

Hi Experts.
Any idea why a WCDMA Sector don’t transmit?
I checked the power. Cell is up, but no transmission…

Alarms, sleeping cell, locked, force locked (due to alarms)…

Do you see any RACH attempts?

No I don’t see.

Try a lock-unlock, restart cell, then restart NodeB.

Already tried, already restarted the whole RBS.
Iub is OK.

Try to recreate the sector/cell.

Any alarms related to RRU in NodeB?

Nope. It’s kind a weird…
Uarfcn DL is OK.

Kindly check on the RRU Events.

Update here dears:
It’s working now.
Issue: Wrong fequency high and low edge band.
Because every antenna brach has it high and low band edge.
(Old script using wrong freq) :grin:

Thank you all for the support. :clap: