Any good tutorial material for beginners "ERICSSON NETWORK MANAGER" (ENM)?

Hi All.

Any good tutorial material for beginners “ERICSSON NETWORK MANAGER” (ENM)?

Specially for 4G/5G.

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You need go through ELEX library. It has detailed informations.

Any particular topic needed sir?

I want to use ENM to get configurations, get stats, check sites. Like that.

Ok I will check that too. Thanks.

Are you working in NOC or RAN?

Because it depend what is your main function to use the ENM.

I am not an expert, but I am a bit using the ENM and i can try to help.

RAN engineer, RF Optimization.

I have Huawei experience but trying to learn Ericsson - as we have Ericsson network as well.

Better for the mean time use the ENM help (Ericsson have made a good HELP available there).

It will give you a bit of idea. Just type on the search the thing comes in your mind.

Here is the main view of ENM.

On the upper left you could see the Network Management Tutorial and Help center - these could help you.

On the upper left you can type you wanted to know.

On the upper left you can type you wanted to know.

Ericsson ENM

There’s also favorite. Out of so many topics on the main view you could save the thing you often use.

Try to search internal ///E site or CPI ELEX for ENM Guideline.

A little late the answer, but maybe it will still help you:

For statistics, in the ENM there is PMIC, in this tool you activate/deactivate counters. The counters (statistics) can be viewed/obtained from the ENIQ, this tool is usually installed on a separate server (not within the ENM WebUI)

CLI: You can run commands directly to a group of nodes to get/change certain parameters (MO’s).

Shell Terminal: It is the connectivity tool (SSH if I remember correctly) to connect one by one to the nodes, normally known as MOSHELL (AMOS in the official version)

Parameter Management (CPM): It shows you the directory of nodes and you can view and change parameters (I would say a graphical version of AMOS, since you edit one by one)

I think that in general they are the tools that you could use the most as an RF Optimization Engineer. The others are almost intuited, such as monitoring tools. If you have any specific questions about another tool, let me know.

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Hi friend, if you know how to take certain traces on E/// please let me know. I am trying to understand this new vendor.

Thanks for the detailed answer.
Is there a way we can run parameter inconsistency check like in Huawei.
We can add two cells or nodes and it will generate a table with inconsistent parameters and their values.
Can you please help, where can I get something in ENM? Thanks