Any CQI parameter, apart from format channel 2 cqiadjstep and puschpara?

Hi All,
Any CQI parameter, apart from format channel 2 cqiadjstep and puschpara?
Which can improve cqi around 0.5?
Vendor is Huawei, LTE.

Did you try adjusting RS, PA and PB?
RS to 15.2 PA PB (0,0) for overlapping cells.

I cannot reduce traffic of my serving cell, this is my criteria.
Any good parameter suggestion?

You are just reducing the overlap.
Improving SINR and increasing throughput, for cities.
I did it and got a big improvement.

Yes, you’re right. But I have to improve cqi 0.5 more through parameter level.

Will Voiptbsmcsselectswitch help?

I tried PDCCH power enhanced 3 dB but it degraded CQI in cities, so I reverted that.

CQI adjust algo switch.
What is your configuration there?

CQI adj step as 10 DL BLER target as 15.

Did you enable DlEnVarIblerTargetSwitch?
Try changing it to 20.

It was good when i tried it, optimum value was 20.
It gave DL throughput improvement.

Yes more BLER can give good DL if RF is good. Otherwise it will backfire.
What’s your BLER KPI, in your NW?
In my NW it’s around 18 to 20.

DL ILBER is around 12 to 13 %.

That’s why you have good DL, in 20 value.

Try the 20 value on a cluster.

Do you have the MRO feature?
It will improve your network Handover and reduce the PING PONG - it is very good.

I Will try. But in my I feel it’s tough to achieve as my bler is bad kpi.

No, MRO is not there. MRO might help.

Do you have UL COMP enabled?

UL Comp is there.

For 3 and 4 sectors? Or only for 3 sectors?

I will try first MRO, then see others. Thanks. :wink:

Do you have Capacity and Coverage layer?

Yes TDD Capacity as high priority then FDD as Coverage layer.
TDD and L2100.
Have capacity added sectors in rollouts.
So I feel MRO can help there…

And UL COMP needed extra configuration to be enabled on 4 sectors sites.
This improved a lot our network since we have 4 sectors sites, due to Capacity.

It improved the UL Throughput a lot.