Anti-5G lobby is growing in India

Anti-5G lobby is growing in India

Yes read this.
Even discussion totally illogical - now film industry against 5G…
Same lady against 2G as well.

Very famous actress of India opposing 5G.
In India people are more influenced by cinema.
Very much illogical.

In India:
Novel writer Chetan Bhagat is Vaccine Expert…
Bollywood actress became 5G Expert…

And we engineers are wasting time on this forum to understand 5G

But still such post influence many people creating red area for 5G.
Gvernment need to prevent this.

High court also said in past:

Mobile tower radiation not harmful, says Bombay High Court on Juhi Chawla’s PIL Mobile tower radiation not harmful, says Bombay High Court on Juhi Chawla's PIL - India News

Let them do time pass we have courts to handle such guys.

We need to teach her network architecture and benefits of 5G in film industry by giving low latency example, VR, etc :grin:

Yes may be not happy with coverage of 4G so by giving tilt, power boosting another help we can do as network people :grin:

Let me put Tech perspective:

Your mobile is radiating 2W with HPUE features it will be higher.
While tower radiation will be in milliwatts when it encounter human body.
Did she stopped using mobile which she may use near her brain while talking on VoLTE? :man_facepalming:

For that SAR value to be looked upon.
Should be < 1.
Generally it comes 1.2.

You set para is 23 dBm max for class 3 and class 2 is 26 dBm.

It is a business guided IT is business guided case, don’t give it such importance.

Also don’t worry, not only in India.
You may find some random keyboard warriors in the other part of the World claiming that they’re 5G ‘expert’ after a quick Google search.


Haha… HC made joke of her.

‘Meant for publicity’: HC junks Juhi Chawla’s suit against 5G, imposes Rs 20 lakh fine

She made joke of herself by doing this :grin:

She is blaming 5G, through her phone which is connected to 4G :joy:

Extreme Limit of Hypocracy!

Kpi monitoring ongoing :grin:

Most funnier thing is, she had online appearance before supreme court.
She got the link to join the same, and she shared that link on her instagram account just for publicity.
Many random people keep joining that court session and started singing songs :joy:
This is one of the reason why court fined her :laughing: