Antenna required for 5G devices

Hi Experts.

Does anyone know which spec explicitly mentions antennas required for 5G devices?

Should be 4?

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I found this on internet: The standard requires 4 RX (reception) antennas for 5G bands with 3.5 GHz (TDD) as well as n7 2.6 GHz (FDD), n38 2.6 GHz (TDD) and n41 2.5 GHz (TDD).

Maybe not for all bands 4 RX antenna are needed for 5G.

For example Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G in n28 works only with 2 layers:

Mostly bands under 1 Ghz are 2 layer at UE side for both LTE and 5G.

Thank you. Do you know the spec #?

Try this:

Picture above is from 38.521

Here it is @TelecomLover: