ANR in very fast mobility scenario

Hi Experts,

Please let know how ANR works if person is moving very fast (train).


T reselection value should be 0.5 sec, A3 time to trigger less value like 100ms, offset should be less value for handover and fast reselection criteria should be enabled.

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ANR is only to add/delete neighbors, considering neighbors r defined already, at high speed you can keep timetotrigger for A3 to 40ms

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Thanks @parkarnadeem86 for you answer … But how T reselection will play a role in taking decissions for ANR.

Thanks @onkar.ghatpande for you answer…So as per you ,already X2 neighbours will be already defined and no need for ANR?

ANR has nothing to do with person moving in train.

With moving train what rapidly changes is timing-advance.

Think there are ranges for different speed and with each range eNB configures UE with different TA to compensate for higher doppler shift.