ANR doesn't work with all switch on for INTRA, INTER, UTRAN and GERAN enabled

Hi Experts.
In LTE, what is the reason that ANR doesn’t work with all switch on for INTRA, INTER, UTRAN and GERAN enabled.
The eNodeB don’t add UTRAN or GERAN Cell.
Vendor Huawei.

Maybe it is a license issue.
Or switches are not properly configured. There are eNodeB level switches and cell level switches.

If you set with redirection, I think no need relation to InterRat.

UTRAN Nfreq must be add if you want to add IRAT neighbors.

Is there another MO with ANR Switch?

After auditing the ANR switches, go to ANR family.
Make sure to modify OPTMODE=FREE, not CONTROLLED.

Please check " LST UTRANNFREQ".
Target RAT UARFCN is configured or not?

As I recall ANR is activated with ENODEBALGOSWITCH and CELLALGOSWITCH.

Please check switches at both Cell and eNB level.

MOD ENODEBALGOSWITCH: AnrSwitch=IntraRatEventAnrSwitch-1;

Checked, it’s FREE.

In CELLALGOSWITCH is OFF the parameters:

Cell level OFF let me activate.

No issues.
Can you please deactivate “Fast ANR Switch”?
And check the SON Logs?

Also check these 2 MML:

MOD CELL: LocalCellId=zzz, IntraFreqAnrInd=ALLOWED; 
MOD EUTRANINTERNFREQ: LocalCellId=zzz, DlEarfcn=xx, AnrInd=ALLOWED;

Checked: IntraFreq ANR ind = Allowed.

After you deactivate Fast ANR, please check on SON if you have access on U2020.
Also check Raw counter in PRS as well.
Are they pegging?

Sorry, I don’t have permission to change in OSS. :frowning:
I’m waiting answer to the operation team.

But thanks you all for the help. :slight_smile: