Amos command E///

Hello, to all the ericsson experts. Can anyone share amos command list for measurements.Thanks

----------------------------------- PM COMMANDS ----------------------------------
pmom[acdpo] Print description of PM counters.
kmom[d] Print description and formulas of KPIs.
pget[m]/lpget[m] Read PM attribute(s) from MO(s).
spget/lspget Read PM attribute(s) one by one (“slow pget”).
hpget[c][m]/lhpget[c][m] Read PM attribute(s) from MO(s), print horizontally one line per MO (instead of one line per attribute).
pdiff/lpdiff Print incrementation of PM attributes.
hpdiff[m]/lhpdiff[m] Print incrementation of PM attributes, horizontally one line per MO (instead of one line per attribute)
pmx[hfdnsckwlb3zeity] Display counter or KPI values, extracted from the statistics ROP files, or from the MOs in real-time.
pmr[agfkwop3z] Produce PM KPI reports, based on counter values in statistics ROP files and formulas in CPI documentation.
pme[fd][cgurv] Fetch/decode event ROP files (RNC/RBS/ERBS/MSRBS).
pst List all PM scanners and their state.
pgets[n][m][r] Print scanner contents.
pcr[cfpdazg]/lpcr[cfpda] Create a Statistics Scanner or PmJob.
pcrk[f][v][d] Create PmKpi definitions on the node.
pbl Suspend a scanner.
pdeb Resume a scanner.
pdel[p] Delete a scanner.
emom Display list of events available for each kind of event-based scanner.
pset[d] Set the contents of an event-based scanner (RNC/RBS/ENB/MSRBS).