Allocated RB calculation

Anyone can explain the RB allocated calculation here?

It’s for a L18 20 MHz 4T4R.
For me it should be 4 x 100 RB = 400 RB max, but it gets 500 allocated.
Any idea?
(The tool I’m using for the snapshots is NQDI - Swissqual / R&S).

Looks like by the amount of TBs, it it’s considering the aggregated amount for 5 subframes.

What does that mean?
Is it just a counting issue?
How can i get the correct number of RB it is using?

500 / 5 subframes = 100 PRB, the average number you highlighted.
You are being allocated 100% of your 20MHz BW.

It’s for a 4T4R cell.
Shouldn’t it have 4 x 100 RB max?

I think it is giving me All the cell RB.
But I do not understand how it gives 500; at most, I should have 400.

Maybe you could take a look at the tool manual, and also consider some error in the tool. It says 4 subframes in the first line, but by observing the Average RB, number of allocated RB and amount of TBs, these info doesn’t make sense when you compare them. Plus, MCS average showing 64QAM when below shows 100% 256QAM, Bytes transferred empty when you have 10TB, all these info doesn’t make sense.
Look in the manual to see, for instance, if the Amount of PRBs is cumulative of average per Subframe, something like this.

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This seems to be the only logical explanation.