AI-native Networks (Telco Assessment)

Hello Experts.

I’d like to thank all colleagues who have attended the Dec Webinar (AI-Native Networks) - Telco Assessment.

I am attaching the slides and will be uploading the video soon.

The main sections are
:point_right:t2: Role & position of AI/ML concerning Telco’s transformation journey.
:point_right:t2: An illustration of Telcos embracing AI/ML technologies (As-Is) & (To-be) state.
:point_right:t2: The Convergence with Cloud stacks & technologies.
:point_right:t2: MLOps overview & realization within Telco space.
:point_right:t2: Towards AI-native networks (ORAN example)
:point_right:t2: The way forward.

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