AI & Automation in Telecom

Hello Experts.

When will AI & Automation in Telecom become reality in Telecommunications?

Network complexity (mainly with 5G) is growing exponentially, and traditional network O&M model will not be able to handle it anymore…

Figure 4: AI in networks: status of deployment of applications (not exhaustive) Source: GSMA

AI & Automation: An Overview

It is already there, since always. :wink:

Since first day when Performance Management, Daily Basis Management and Fault Management, Configuration Managment was there in network management system!

Sine always, Telecom was using AI - it’s a simple mahematical probability and bitrate analysis in modulation process in user interface & signalling interface and utilization reports. :slightly_smiling_face:

The only difference is that now it is using different protocol and using different layers in 5G.