After RLF UE does cell selection or reselection?

Hi Experts.

After Radio Link failure on UE side, UE does cell selection process or cell reselection process while t311 timer is running to find best cell for RRE?

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Will it be same like UE normally does in RRC idle state?


Makes me think though so going to let someone else confirm.

T310 is the actual timer which governs the RLF.

After that it’s re-establishment to best cell.

Some text says this is cell selection, but I don’t think that’s true but UE doesn’t need to scna PLMNs etc.

It just need to find next best cell, similar to cell-reselection

Yes, i also observed in 38.331… word “selection” is mentioned but actually UE was already on a cell now due to RLF it went to idle on same cell and may try for other best cell → reselection.

Check here for more details:

When a UE experiences RLF in a 4G network, it triggers cell reselection rather than cell selection. RLF occurs when the connection between the UE and the base station is lost due to various reasons such as poor signal quality or interference. In response, the UE performs cell reselection to search for and connect to a new, stronger cell to maintain or re-establish the connection

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