Advantages of sub-1 GHz Spectrum

  • Sub-1 GHz spectrum is essential to build coverage in thinly populated areas and provide indoor coverage in built-up and hard-to-reach urban areas.
  • Adding 600 MHz to existing low bands will raise download speeds by 30-50% in rural areas.
  • Additional low-band spectrum will help connect rural areas to better quality services by reducing the number of cell sites needed to reach the same level of performance.
  • Ensuring that additional low-band spectrum accompanies expansion of mid-band and high band (i.e., mmWave) is crucial for maintaining digital equality.

Read more (and Download) the full report on: GSMA | Vision 2030: Low-Band Spectrum for 5G - Spectrum

Coverage comparison in free space depending on frequency :point_up_2: from Coleago. :ok_hand: