Actix Analyzer - Some attributes are not showing on Map

Hi everybody,
I am having this issue with Actix Analyzer. I got a load of logfiles and loaded them for processing. The UL Throughput values are all being plotted on the map but this is not happening for DL. I was able to plot this data a few days back (from the same logs).

I have tried to restart Actix, re-loaded the logs, made a new workspace etc. but wasn’t able to achieve the required results. What could be the reason for this?

Is it possible for me to clear data on Actix (like we do for apps, cookies, history etc.)?

I know this is old, but for our office, we have multiple workstations with different Actix Analyzer installs on it. Most of the time, they’re different versions (e.g., one’s from March 2023, another’s from August). If there’s an issue with our data plotting, sometimes we check between installs to see if Actix is the issue.

I don’t know if you managed to fix your issue, but I hope this tip helps somewhat.