Activate RIM in Huawei 3G

Hi Experts,
How can I activate RIM in Huawei 3G?
Is via this command?

Use this command:

Is it license based?

RIM can be activated in: 4G eNodeB, 3G RNC, MME/SGSN also.
In 3G, 4G Huawei RAN we can trace message, KPI to check RIM sent/receive messages.
But also Core network engineers have to join troubleshooting.


This also needs to be match on the CN.
There is also a change on S1 on the release needs to be rel10 min, as I remember.

Ran and core must be at least supporting release 9.

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Hi Experts.
Anyone activated RIM already?
Could you please share finding after the implementation?

Long time ago. It was useful but don’t think there were significant benefits.

Any drawback you remember?

I will check. It was in 2017 I think. So I am sure algorithm has evolved since.

RIM help CSFB time reduce alot.
About 1s for mo-mt call.

eNB send UE “rrc conn release” with 3G cells PCI + SI.
So, reducing time UE reading SI in UMTS, then CSFB time reduced.

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So the eNB will have became more intelligent in case of CSFB only. Great!

By active RIM, enb can get neigjboring umts cells information.
Rnc → sgsn → mme → enb SI of 3g.

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Yes it improves CSFB call set up time.
For 2G ~2sec + 3G ~1sec.