Activate CA over X2

Hello Experts.

Does anyone activated CA over X2?

I have few sites where I have only one carrier.

And I need CA of that site with NBR sites for better customer experience.

Do this carrier have coverage overlap?

Yes, it have.

Ok then you can activate inter eNB CA with non-ideal backhaul.

I think you will get little or no benefit for enabling inter-eNB CA.

CA works ideal when there is coverage overlap and good RF signals.

Between there is very low overlap region and also RF signals aren’t strong from either sites to get real benefit of CA.

Worth a try but as a general principle this may not be ideal.

Absolutely right.

I believe we need time and phase synchronization for this to work even when the basebands are on the same location.

This is true but very handy when we have 4G carriers distributed between 2 basebands on the same location.