Access Class 11 x Access Class 15

Access Class 11 is intended for PLMN Use. Access Class 15 is intended for PLMN Staff

What is the difference?

Radio Access barring control refers to a traffic congestion control mechanism to secure and ensure the success of critical communications calls such as emergency calls by restricting connection requests from mobile to base station. The radio access baring can be controlled can be caterogies into following two method:

  1. Access Control Method [Control in Mobile Terminals]
  • Before sending any connection request to base station mobile device shall evaluate broadcast information and identifies the types of call and determines whether a connection request for the call should be barred or not.
  1. RRC Connection Reject Method [Control in Base Station]
  • The base station identifies the type of connection request sent from mobile terminal, and decides whether this request shall be served or rejected with RRCConnectionReject.

Here is a write up for access class working and defined for 5g NR.

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