About Granularity of 5G System

When read 3GPP protocol, I often see words like ‘Qos flow is the lowest level granularity’, or ‘distribution granularity’. What the granularity really means? And what the exact role it plays within the 5G system?

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Granularity within the 5G system refers to how detailed and refined the configuration and allocation of resources are. It allows the system to tailor its behavior to the specific needs of different services and users, leading to improved efficiency, service quality, and overall performance.

Granularity plays a crucial role in optimizing the performance and efficiency of the 5G system:

Resource Efficiency: Fine-grained control over QoS and resource distribution allows the network to allocate resources more accurately based on the specific requirements of each application or user. This helps prevent overallocation of resources to low-priority services and ensures that critical services receive the necessary resources.

Service Differentiation: Granularity enables the network to distinguish between different types of data flows or services, providing a better quality of experience for users. For instance, latency-sensitive applications can be given priority over less time-sensitive traffic.

Optimized Utilization: Granular control over resource distribution helps the network make efficient use of available resources, preventing underutilization or wastage of valuable spectrum and bandwidth.

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This is a quite detailed answer! Thanks a lot!

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