AAU with different scenarios for SSB patterns

Hello Huawei Experts:

Can anyone explain the AAU 5811 different Scenarios called scenario0, scenario1, scenario6, etc.
For the SSB patterns?

Different footprints on the ground, you can find detailed explanation in Hede.
There are up to 16 scenarios.
Each one has a different horizontal hpbw and vertical hpbw.

Thanks @RFSpecialist. So do we have a default scenario too?

Scenario 0 is default.
110 degrees horizontal and 30 degrees vertical.

Scenario1 an 6 having same Horizontal BW is 110 degree but VBW is differ 6 and 12 degree.
Scenario 1 is good for Square Coverage and Scenario 6 is Mid Size range Building.

You can implement different Scenario per cell as per requirement.