A2 and periodic measurement report in 5G

Hello experts,

Can A2 measurement report and periodic measurement report in 5G contain neighbor cells rsrp/rsrq/sinr along with serving cell’s??

As per definition of A2 events- it will only trigger when serving cell rsrp level is below defined threshold. It doesn’t talk about neighbor cells.

Please someone give some light here.

I have observed in UE logs, where A2 Measurement report also includes neighbor cells signal strength and same with periodic measurement report.

Hello NR experts.

Please tell periodical measurements usage in NR.

It can be used by operator to get RF statistics of different layers.

Ok thanks got it. :handshake:

So for generic information it used.

Do we require mgap for it, if it’s inter freq NR?

Yes, it is required.

It won’t required measurement gap, since A2 event only talk about measurement of serving cell, UE doesn’t need to move on different freq/layer to read and measure nbr cell in SMTC etc.