A platform-based approach turbo-charged Reliance Jio’s move to cloud native and 5G

Case Study published by the TM Forum on Jio’s Cloud Native innovations in 5G, Cloud Native deployments and next generation OSS and BSS.

  • Who: Reliance Jio and Jio Platforms

  • What: Transitioning its vast and complex 4G network to cloud native and 5G

  • How: Jio Platforms designed, built and deployed new tech on cloud native platforms that is backwardly compatible with all BSS/OSS functions

  • Results: Network management reduces annual maintenance costs by 90%, provisioning more than 5,000 sites with zero-touch; fulfilment management delivers an estimated 50% rise in operational efficiency

The Indian mobile network operator Reliance Jio faced unique challenges in transitioning a 4G network of tightly integrated physical network functions to a cloud-native infrastructure. While it was paramount to encourage migration to container-based applications, it was also important to make it as pain free as possible for the operations team which manages such a large network.

Jio Platforms designed and deployed new technology capabilities using cloud native platforms built from scratch to ensure backward compatibility with all OSS/BSS functions.


This is great. Curious to know about your control plane architecture! Will learn from it.

We use home grown , got many stuffs to address.