6G Key Capabilities

Key capabilities of 6G technology defined by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU-R) are –

Peak data rate (cell level) – 1000 Gbps DL
User data rate –1000 Mbps
Latency – 0.1 ms
Spectrum efficiency – 10X than 5G
Mobility– 1000 Km/hr
Connection density – 10 Million devices/sq. km
Network energy efficiency – 300X than 5G
Area traffic capacity – 1000 Mbps/sq. m

Ref - ITU

There are many different advancements required from all various aspects of the telecom networks to enable such stringent deliverables by 6G. Though it is bit theoretical today but hope to seeing them in the real world implementation in upcoming few years. Till then, let’s keep upskilling ourselves !

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