6G explained by Nokia

With every generation of communications technology, the focus of the network changes. The 2G and 3G eras centered on human-to-human communication through voice and text. 4G heralded a fundamental shift to the massive consumption of data, while the 5G era has turned its focus on connecting the Internet of Things (IoT) and industrial automation systems.

In the 6G era, the digital, physical and human world will seamlessly fuse to trigger extrasensory experiences. Intelligent knowledge systems will be combined with robust computation capabilities to make humans endlessly more efficient and redefine how we live, work and take care of the planet. Even though there is still a lot of innovation in 5G with the 5G-Advanced release of new standards, Nokia Bell Labs has already begun the research work on 6G to make it commercially available by 2030.


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Well, China has already a satellite with what they call a 6G test, with 1Thz freq. 3GPP hasn’t yet defined a standard and it seems like everyone wants to be ahead of it.

It might seem strange, but I start to wonder if we are in the correct path, considering they aim to blur the borders man/machine. I’m not really comfortable with that and the implications it might trigger misused and abused.