6 main building blocks of cellular mobile site

  1. Antenna

    We have 2 types of antenna.

    Sector antenna : used to establish the connection from user to site.

    Microwave antenna : used to establish connection point to point between base station and central office (BSC RNC).

  2. RRU

    It’s remote radio unit

    Used to amplifiy the signal coming & transmitting towards/ from mobile phone in uplink and perform.

    Modulation and demodulation in both uplink and downlink.

  3. BBU

    It’s baseband unit.

    Used to perform signal processing for GSM WCDMA LTE and 5G.

    Also can perform site management.

  4. Transmission IDU (indoor unit).

    It’s the microwave cabinet, sometimes called magazine.

    Used to perform alarms mangment and signal prrocessing in transmission side.

    Performance Ethernet, SDH, PDH frame processing.

  5. RAU

    It’s radio access unit and we can also call it (out door unit).

    Similar to RRU but in transmission system.

    Used to perform mainly power amplification and modulation , demodulation for signal in both direction between base station and far end BSC/ RNC.

  6. Dish antenna

    It’s point to point microwave antenna works for 6-86 GHz.

    Transmit all kinds of traffic Including GSM WCDMA LTE and 5G and mangment as well.

    Connect the near end with far end point to point.

    We should ensure alignment between dish antennas at both sides.

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