5G x LTE Throughput under same conditions

Hi guys,
Is there any difference in terms of user throughput between LTE and 5G in case subcarrier spacing is 15 kHz and the same amount of RE allocation per milisecond?
I am trying to understand whether there is any enhancement of throughput when the conditions are the same with LTE?
Thanks in advance.

Spectral efficiency of NR better than LTE, but main driver for higher user Throughput will be at the Core side.

What bandwidth consider for LTE and NR, it also matters.

I don’t think there would be any difference in Throughput between 4G and 5G if all other factors are same.

This is interesting. Is there less guard band in 5G?

Yes, correct.

In NR:

  1. Less guard band, more RBs.
  2. Less PDCCH, not a complete synbol is required to use for PDCCH.
  3. Less always ON signals, no CRS in every subframe.

This increases NR tput. Anything else?

But if number of Data REs, MCS, MIMO, is same…then there should not be any difference in tput between LTE and NR.

Yes, I agree. :+1:

More PRB but depends on bandwidth used.
Single user scheduled per slot, so max throughput.

Thanks for the answers guys, all are very informative for me. :slight_smile:

@arnab_ece05, what do you mean here?
Can you please elaborate?
What is the relation of throughput in 5G with Core side?

I think he mean extended ambr settings at Core side which can be look.

I am not expecting it to be a bottleneck? Do you?

Yes it’s bottleneck. It matters a lot.

I am referring to CUPS.

Separate scaling of CP & UP adds flexibility to adapt and optimize network for different use cases
Distributed deployment of user plane optimized for latency/transport efficiency and security
Centralization of Control Plane
Distribution of User Plane to attract new low latency services in a cost efficient way
Simplified deployment of User Plane with minimum of integration points

Extended ambr I.E. play very crucial role in deciding NR Throughput.

But it is not a way to increase theoretical maximum throughput on radio side, right?
Do you mean that it can be a limiting factor of throughput on radio?

Yes dear it’s limiting factor.
Let’s say from Core permissible value is 100 Mbps for DL.
Then we can’t reach beyond 100 Mbps. :wink:

Yeah, it is ok i see now.
I will be checking it with more details.
Thanks dear.

LTE use OFDM while 5G-NR use f-OFDM. f- is filtered, less guard bandwidth.
For eg: 10 Mhz, SCS 15 kHz. LTE has 50 RB while NR has 52RB -> NR has higher throughput.

It’s better for let’s say 40 MHz of LTE vs 40 MHz of NR because for LTE 10% Spectrum wasted in Guard while NR there is no such case.