5G Workshop - iSignalResearch - Feb 2023 - RAN Protocol, Lab Setups

Registrations Free, but Mandatory.

Date: 4-February-23 (Saturday)

Time: 11 AM - 01 PM IST (Indian Standard Time)

Never loose the hope and never stop learning. Our Recent times of the usage of the internet is the only way of working along with learning and getting things done online. It is same even for the education and Jobs up gradation of the skills as per the latest trends too and be ready for Company work. Introducing iSignal’s Live Demo on the Technological 5G Series where, you know about the technology, work and career opportunities in the field. This is not just trend, or one of the field, but a journey through out your career for the entire life where you always have something to learn and never get bored and always interesting. Come and Join the most exciting 5G Journey.

Students/Faculty/Research Scholars/Working Professionals from ECE/EEE/EIE/CSE/CS/ET/MSc Electronics/MSc Computer Science freshers or with experience of 1 to 2yrs in software industry who want to change the field into wireless field 4G an 5G. Working professional interested change to wireless protocol stack development and testing field.