5G vs 5G Plus vs 5G UW vs 5G UC and others

Nice post showing difference between 5G, 5G Plus, 5G UW, and 5G UC.
It help to understand the alphabet soup of 5G terminology…



  • 5G NR: New Generation
  • 5G E: Evolution
  • 5G Plus: 5G+
  • 5G UC: Ultra Capacity
  • 5G UW: Ultra Wideband

Any other to add to list? :slight_smile:

Any reason to add more 5G jargons like this?
We already have plenty of standard terminalogy that have been well defined (5G-NR, 5G Sa, etc).

Marketing :frowning:

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One year later, and the topic still hot: :grinning:

The Difference Between 5G UC, 5G UW, and 5G+

Your smartphone says 5G UC, 5G UW, or 5G+. But why?