5G User Throughput improvements

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What are the requirements to improve 5G data throughput?

  1. Parameter level
  2. Field level
  3. Hardware level
  4. Counter

NR Throughput is mainly depend on the below parameters.
CSI-RS configuration(2/4/8/16/32 ports) {Multiple trials to be done on port configurations, It’s depend on the UE capability too}
dl256QamEnabled parameter
RF Conditions(Field level check as we usually aware about)
the Alarms on NR(gNB).

Specially AC State in RU/DU, must be active and calibrated { Hardware Level check},
we have AC state like (CalibrationStatus 0:INACTIVE, 1:CONVERGING, 2:CALIBRATED, 3:FAILED)

For example:
AC state showing β€œFAILED” (AC can be failed on UL or DL, or both direction is a failure),
Then traffic beam is effected, by this β€œSNR” degraded, β€œsector shape” can became inaccurate which intern lead to bad coverage and throughput degradation.
However Traffic performance could have minor impact during β€œConverging” state period.

Few more details FYI.

Major parameter is the TDD pattern which play a important role to achieve Max throughput on NR(gNB).
NR TDD patterns :
The is defined by a slot pattern and a special slot pattern.
The slot pattern defines allocation of DL, UL and special slots(S) on β€œslot level”, whereas in LTE we defined SF(Sub-frame) level, this is the major difference compare to LTE in 5G-NR(more flexible).

The special slot pattern defines allocation of DL, UL and guard period (silent period allowing for switching between transmitting and receiving) on symbol level.

Hope you are aware of Slot pattern & special slot pattern supported in 5G NR.

You can optimize Throughput by using different combinations of TDD slot patterns and special slot patterns.
Using the combination of TDD pattern 4+2+4(pattern-01) and 6:4:4 special slot good throughput can be achieved but on other hand, always to remember is that "User plane latency dependence to the TDD pattern which you configure in your network " with Best/worst case delay for UL and DL triggered user data(ping) to be analyzed once setting the above parameters values.

Related NR Parameter:-


Important thing to remember here is that PDSCH scheduling in DL part of special slot 3:8:3 is not supported (a minimum of 4 DL slots required for PDSCH scheduling).
Scheduling of PDSCH in such slot would require PDSCH mapping Type B and/or PDCCH/PDSCH multiplexing in symbol 0, as far as i am aware its not yet implemented.
No UL PUSCH data is allocated in special slots.

For DL
For UL

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Consider reviewing the cell footprint change from default to the right scenario one out of possible 16. This will strongly match cell coverage to users location.