5G unlink power control works

What are the parameters for 5G Uplink parameters power control for PRACH, SRS, PUCCH, PUSCH

What is the main difference from 4G power control

The parameters are detailed in 3GPP 38.213, as follows:

  • PUSCH: clause 7.1
  • PUCCH: clause 7.2
  • SRS: clause 7.3
  • PRACH: clause 7.4

The main difference from LTE are:

  • For PUSCH/PUCCH/SRS there is now a compensation factor that goes together with the RB allocation and accounts for the numerology used in the transmission;
  • Beam-based power control: 5G is beam-centric and, since the transmission can switch from a beam to another, the UE can keep up to four pathloss estimates (corresponding to different TX-RX beam pairs). This way, when the transmission switches from one beam to another, it already has a PL estimate to start with. Moreover, the UE can also keep two close-loop processes simultaneously (the reason is still unclear to me, but I believe it’s also for support multiple beams).
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