5G tunnel site optimization

Hi All.

For tunnel site in 5G, what could be the optimization steps for improving drops and random access?

Any insight like increasing zerocorrelation, cellradius?

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Indoor site is the best option… in terms of parameters, zerocorrelation/cell radius would only help if you are outside the cell range.

Depending on the case, you may want to speed up the HO between the entry cell and the exit cell from the tunnel to allow user to be able to still Sent MR and then receive HO command.

That would be my recommendation.

Then you can also try to use some features to improve UL radio like TTI Bundling or play with some power settings.

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There is no nearby 5G cells, neither i guess TTI bundling is available for 5G.

I would try to early deactivation of 5G via A2 sgnb release.

And decrease b1 also from -117 to -110 as 1st step.

As drop is very high means UE losses 5G suddenly.

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Oh, this is 5G, got it

Yes, those 2 steps sound good.

I improved CDR, by increasing cell radius after comparing CBRA success rate with ghost preambles vs without ghost preambles.
as well as B1 parameter change and A2 based sgnb release earlier.
case is closed.

hi, from which side you change B1 and A2, you change them on 4G cells of the same site?

b1 is the threshold u set on 4G anchor cells
while a2 is setable from 5G cell.

thanks for your response, can you please provide the full name of A2 parameter to change on 5G cell Ericsson, thanks in advance