5G Trace Analyzer

Have you ever been thinking of analyzing 5G .pcap traces using the sequence diagrams on your own?

Do you want to create an interactive sequence diagram out of your 5G traces?

As a fan of open-source telco, I have created a tool to process and analyze 5G .pcap traces. It is available on GitHub and completely open-source:

Use it if you want to:

  • learn 5G using traces
  • troubleshoot 5G issues in your network
  • analyze your network procedures

To find out how it works and how to install it, take a look at the below video.

It is my pleasure if anyone is eager to contribute to code development.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sadegh-karimi/


Thank you Sadegh for sharing. I have generated it .pcap fapi traces between L1 (phy layer) and cu/du. Can I use it to generate sequence traces of my .pcap traces. If yes what are the changes this code reqires.

Is there any protocol settings I have give as an input? Is it dissector/.DLL file or something else

Are you successfully abale to setup Vagrant and Virtual Box ?.If so can you also please guide me to set this up as well.I am struggling to to setup these both.

No, but protocol setting for http, ngap and pfcp shown in below video @11:00 onward.

Hi there,
please follow below training:



if it is possible, please share your .pcap and let’s try.

Sure…I can share