5G Standalone Architecture - Samsung - January 2021

The 3GPP provides several architecture options for NR deployment. These options are divided into SA & NSA. The SA architecture consisting of 5GC & gNB can provide full 5G services from day one, while NSA architecture leveraging the existing LTE infrastructure provides limited 5G services.

NSA can be an attractive option for customers who have interest in quickly deploying 5G by utilizing legacy network & minimizing upfront investments. However, the SA architecture is the best choice for operators that want to tap new 5G opportunities, as 5G-specific services are available only in SA.

An operator may deploy the 5G on high-band for dense & urban that require extremely high capacity, or deploy the 5G on mid-band for metropolitan areas to balance the benefits & tradeoffs of capacity & coverage.

Massive MIMO, dual connectivity, carrier aggregation can serve to complement the weaknesses of NR deployment & enriches 5G services for cust. 5G–specific services combined with features enable diverse business use cases, eg factory automation, smart cities, autonomous driving & healthcare.

NR SA migration with 5G RAN & CN is the key for offering innovative 5G services.

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